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Workout Notes 


  1. 500 (Jump Rope)-100 (Push Ups) -200 (Crunches) - RDL’s (x40) - Lunge (x10 trips)


  1. Band WORK : 

    • Monster walk, Lateral walk, 2 step, Moon walk, Taps forward (x20), Taps Side (x20), Kick Outs (x20), Muay Thai(x20), Hamstring Curls (x20), Bear crawl forward, Bear lateral 


    1. Training/Rep Series


For all the video below please watch and emulate the situations they are in a format based off of exactly how I drill. So each contingency is accounted for.  Please experiment but keep it simple and emulate the GREATS. 


Star shooting drill 


DHO Series 


Pick & Roll series 





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